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STAR WARS - History

A long
time ago in
a   small  Welsh
town  far   far  away
from any other civilization
there was a shop -STARS THE
- where people from
far  flung outposts  of the  Galaxy
would  come  to  find  all  their party
needs   catered   for,    from   Party
Decorations  to  Fancy Dress. Soon a
variety of life forms would frequent the
shop becoming regulars to the lure of the
Fancy Dress - Superman, Yoda, Darth Vader,
Snow White, Santa, even Napoleon! STARS became
THE place to meet up with friends - Han Solo and Luke
enjoyed meeting to  admire out  of  this world clothing,
crystals and jewellery at the SISTER STARS SHOP
next door. The balloons attracted children, students
and adults alike, whether just  for  fun, for  a  birthday
party or creating an air of elegance for a wedding. Speaking
of  weddings, we  hear Buzz Lightyear and Cinders are  getting
married soon - should be interesting!  STARS THE PARTY SHOP  - 
Aberystwyth's most  creative, unique  and  fundamental  Party Shop  
where THE FORCE WILL BE WITH YOU,  providing  you  with
 all  your party needs  for  years gone  by   and  years  to  come...
TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!! Cruise through the
galaxies and dock at STARS


Charity fundraiser live music and disco
at the Football Club
May 4th
at 8pm
in aid of
RNLI, Wales Air Ambulance
and Ian Bebb-Worral Memorial Fund

StarWars Event: Jess, Mike Hirst, Emma, Adrian Keenan, Barbera Evans Pugh, Dai Evans Pugh

 58-64 Terrace Rd, Aberystwyth